Awarded Innovate UK grant with Phynova

We are excited to be working with Phynova, having secured an Innovate UK grant, looking at the potential long term health benefits of Reducose®


Phynova and the Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health (OxBCNH) have received a grant as part of the ‘Better Food for All’ programme by Innovate UK which will support a new study into the effectiveness of Reducose® in combating excess carbohydrate consumption from modern diets.

Building on the evidence of nine Clinical studies carried out by Phynova, of which OxBCNH has previously been involved in, OxBCNH will help Phynova investigate the long-term benefits of using Reducose® to maintain healthy weight and healthy blood sugar levels.

This study aims to develop an effective option for food manufacturers and consumers to enhance the UK diet by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, healthy metabolism and microbiome.

What is Reducose®?

Reducose® is a patented water extract of white mulberry leaves, which temporally blocks an enzyme in the small intestine, allowing carbohydrates to pass through undigested. Multiple clinical trials have shown that Reducose® lowers blood glucose impact when incorporated into foods containing sugars and other carbohydrates. It also lowers the glycaemic index (GI) of foods, without side-effects. The enhanced Reducose® will utilise innovative microencapsulation technology to reduce texture and flavour, without impacting its effectiveness.

Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health

The Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health is a vibrant innovative centre of excellence in nutrition science driven by expert academics engaged in advanced applied research investigating and tackling the major food related issues of our time. Collectively we enjoy decades of experience and expertise in study design from in vitro analytical studies to randomised controlled trials. To our industry partners we offer academic-led contract research and consultancy support, delivering highly valued collaborative services to the food and nutrition sector. Our national and international clients receive bespoke solutions to their research requirements through a combination of academic excellence and industry experience. Our clients receive a unique opportunity to be part of the University culture by collaborating at the interface of industry and academia.


Founded in Oxford in 2002, Phynova is a British life science company specialized in developing and commercialising unique, science proven health ingredients, powered by plants. Phynova identifies and researches active ingredients from plants with a rich history and track record of use in traditional medicine. Phynova develops the scientific, IP and regulatory framework around these ingredients so they can be commercialised globally for a variety of health benefits and unmet needs.

Innovate UK

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