Our research

OxBCNH carries out work on behalf of a diverse range of clients from the health and food industry. We partner with manufacturers, retailers and suppliers ranging from small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to multinational global organisations. Our current research focus is glycaemic control, obesity and inflammation. We are internationally recognised as being a leading centre for research into glycaemic response and are the only centre accredited by the Glycemic Index Foundation in Europe. We continue to be one of the largest centres in Europe working in this area.

We run small to large scale nutrition trials to determine the impact of an intervention on human participants. From testing products for weight loss to determining the levels of polyphenols absorbed into the body.

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The Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health team.

Meet the team

Our team all contribute to the successful research carried out by the centre. All OxBCNH staff are trained in Good Clinical Practice and are members of the Association for Nutrition.


Dr. Jonathan Tammam

Director of the OxBCNH

Dr. Sangeetha Thondre

Commercial Research Lead

Dr Shelly Coe

Principal Investigator of OxBCNH

Dr Dani Knight

Co-ordinator of OxBCNH

Miss Chamathka De Silva

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Miss Paola Pena Ochoa

Postgraduate Research Assistant