We are an accredited lab for GI testing!

We are pleased to announce we are an accredited lab by the Glycemic Index Foundation for testing Glycemic Index (GI) to ISO standard 26642:2010 – Determination of Glycemic Index and Recommendation for Food Classification.

We are proud to be the only accredited testing centre in Europe and one of eight in the world!

International Standards Organisation (ISO), is an independent body who set guidelines and assess business to make sure they are upholding a standard in the organisation. Over the last few months we have been demonstrating our testing facilities and ability to show the quality and accuracy of our research to the Glycemic Index Foundation, who has been auditing us to check that we are upholding the ISO standards.

The Glycemic Index Foundation is the independent authority on the nutrition and health benefits of Glycemic Index. They are the only organisation in the world to issue products with low GI symbol following GI testing at a qualified and approved facilities.

Glycaemic index testing is a method of ranking foods on a scale of 1 to 100 according to the extent to which a food raises blood sugar levels after ingestion. The principle is that the slower the rate of carbohydrate absorption, the lower the rise of blood glucose level and the lower the GI value. There are 3 classifications: High GI (≥70), Medium GI (56 to 69) and of course Low GI (≤55).

Foods with low GI values are not automatically healthy, but the fact that your blood sugar levels rise and fall slowly means you could feel fuller for longer and for Diabetics eating foods with low GI can help control blood glucose.

Over the last 15 years the centre has run commercial research working with the food and health industry from SME to international companies running many different studies including Glycemic Index and we will continue to provide a high quality service for all our clients!

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